Founded in 2004, Monorex is an award winning unique multi-disciplinary design boutique. Based in London, England. Monorex HQ is located in the creative epicenter that is East London and has satellite offices strategically placed in culturally influential cities from NYC to Toronto. This allows Monorex to keep its finger firmly on the pulse of all things artistic and original.


Monorex assembles bespoke creative teams for each project commissioned, with operatives being chosen on merit and skill rather than age or location. Through the day-to-day lifestyles, travels and activities of its core crew, Monorex is an active participant in its key target markets – unlike most other trend, strategy and design labels. We rely on practical first-hand experience rather than theory or guesswork to reach solutions, engaging audiences with innovative ideas and concepts. Our consistent interaction with core youth markets has led to greater insight than can be had from the occasional focus group.

The Global Network

The secret of Monorex lies within its extensive global network of talented individuals – hand picked and fostered as team players in our vibrant and enthusiastic collective, delivering original design to our evolving portfolio of big name clientele.

We have assembled a tremendous array of artists on the Monorex roster who carry a special skill or particular style. Priding ourselves on tuning in to these creative channels and offering younger, less established artists a chance to shine in the commercial world. Present in many genres of subculture, Monorex has stood fast to our core values of style, craft, and quality, providing progressive design with exceptional standards of originality.

Why should you work with Monorex?

We attract a mix of established brands and exciting new start-ups because we offer a unique combination of real consumer, trend and cultural insights directly connected to design talent.

This connection isn’t created by an agency planning document or a ‘pass it on’ process of internal briefings and interpretation of your needs, instead Monorex sources a specific mix of individuals relevant to your brief who bring inside knowledge of the ever-evolving variety of youth audiences that you need to connect with. In turn it is these same individuals that apply their creative energy to your brief flexing their artistic talents to deliver a completely bespoke solution.

At Monorex, we pride ourselves on delivering exciting and provocative projects in tune with current tastes and trends. Our clients soon learn to trust our honesty and insider knowledge resulting in tight knit relationships and ongoing collaborations.

Some of our clients
past and present include:

Courvoisier / Flip video / Converse / NYC Cosmos / Reebok / Tiger Beer / Google / Victoria & Albert Museum / Bulmers Berry / Bulmers Light / DC Shoes / Thierry Henry / Virgin Radio Dubai / Designers Block / Redbull / Burn / Upper Playground / Bread & Butter / Toshiba / Casio G-Shock / Edding / NASS Festival / Relentless / MTV / Swatch / SUSO / Umbro & England / M&C Saatchi / Ecko / Facebook / Computer Arts / Hackney Council between others.


“For the launch of Bulmers Berry we needed to create an entire world that would encapsulate the Undergrowth Movement philosophy of our new brand. Monorex was the only choice for us in terms of bringing this idea to life and creating visually astounding and completely unique art for all our launch events, advertising, POS and merchandise.”

Orlaith Fortune, Marketing Manager, Bulmers